Why trust BASIC?

  • We provide the best quality of service to our clients.
  • We know your industry and the employees you need.
  • We reward our clients with utmost support that transcends the average client-service provider relationship.
  • We are always available when need arises.
  • Our employees are highly trained to cope with your standard expectations.
  • We are diligent and prompt in serving salaries and benefits to our casuals.

If I have manpower requirements to fill, how do we start?

First, we need your manpower requirements- positions to be filled, qualifications, and the salary rate which is not below the prescribed minimum wage of the government. Our team facilitates the hiring procedures. We will send to you our pre-screened candidates that matches or closely matches the standard of your qualifications. After the candidate meets your needs and become accepted, the employee may start his employment.

How does your rates vary?

We offer competitive and reasonable rates to our valued clients and prospective ones. Our rates vary depending on the following circumstances:

  • Number of headcounts
  • Demand on time and resources

What are the expected benefits to the casuals?

  • On time payroll and remittance of benefits (SSS, PAG IBIG, Phil health)
  • Friendly and professional treatment
  • Full compliance on all labor standards and conditions
  • Better job opportunities through our reputable clients

What are the advantages that clients usually enjoy through BASIC's various services?

  • They are freed from the normal routines of recruitment which may begin with expensive advertisement, rigorous interviews, testing and selection resulting to a greater focus on core business.
  • They are freed from keeping and maintaining employment records that include detailed reports to SSS, Phil Health, Pag-Ibig and BIR.
  • They are freed from handling the payroll and distribution of salaries to the employees. Their accounting department will be relieved of workloads arising from rush computation of salaries therefore reducing overtime requirements.
  • Job vacancies are immediately filled with competent employees.
  • They are freed from salary and fringe negotiations with employees.

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